Every year in the U.K 13 Billion plastic bottles and jars are used but only around 7 Billion of them make it into the recycle bin, this means that almost half of all plastic bottles end up in landfills, incinerators and waterways. So, whether you aim to reduce your plastic waste or are just looking for a fun project upcycling plastic bottles can be a rewarding eco-friendly activity.

Make a Planter

An excellent way to upcycle your plastic bottles can be to create a planter or plant pot from it by simply cutting the base off a 2-litre bottle and using that. You could easily use many planters to make your own little herb garden for a kitchen or living space, they could even be stacked on a shelf to create a vertical garden.

Bird Feeder

Reduce your waste and support local wildlife by giving a used plastic bottle a breath of fresh life as a bird feeder. Why buy a bird feeder when you can just make your own by simply making some holes in a bottle, attaching some string to it and tieing it to a tree.

Mini Greenhouse

Keep small plants and cuttings warm in the winter with a mini greenhouse! Simply cut the top off a bottle and place it over the small plant, this method is far tidier and looks better than using a plastic bag of cellophane which are often used.


Be creative, there’s plenty of examples of art that’s been made using recycled materials such as bottles, jars, bottle-caps and even plastic bags. Your imagination’s the limit with this one, people have made mosaics and sculptures out of old and used plastic-products.

Reusable/resealable Containers

We’ve saved the best and easiest for last, never waste a plastic container or throw away food that’s gone stale again. Simply clean out a used plastic bottle, jar or container of any kind and fill it with cereal, rice, pasta or anything else that could spoil by being left unsealed.

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